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Emergency Comfortable Showering For Vandwellers
April 4, 2016


SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA — When you haven’t showered in three days and you don’t feel like dealing with traffic and other Monday B.S. that comes with locating a gym to shower, this is an effective alternative.

Find a deserted spot, put on the shower shoes, two gallons of room temp water, 24 ounces of boiling water, generator for shaving/trimming tools, and shower away. Crazy the average American shower lasts eight minutes and uses 17 gallons of water, per one source. But two gallons is more than enough for your pre-wash spray down, then wash yourself with whatever you use (I’m a body wash guy), and use the remaining water to rinse.

This Nemo Helio shower is easy to use. Push the foot pump to build up pressure and spray. That easy. Its damn near impossible to put the thing back in the pouch it comes in, so I just store it and two gallons of water in a little tub.  This is great for emergency showers and is actually quite refreshing if you can consistently find deserted spots to do it.


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