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Month: December 2015

My New Bed In The Van

Chilling on the new bed!
Chilling on the new bed!

December 30, 2015

The cup is full of 90% hot green tea and 10% cold Barefoot Pinot Grigio; and lemon and honey. Always use a carbon monoxide (CO) detector when using any propane appliances indoors. Even Mr. Heater which is meant for indoor use and has a low-oxygen sensor, still requires a detector. You also need cross-ventilation all the time i.e. cracked windows on each side of the van.

The new vacuum is probably the best addition of all. No more searching for car washes in unfamiliar cities. Now vacuuming is part of the daily routine. The BioLite Nanogrid is great for 3-4 hours of bright light on a full charge. Those coil light bulbs in a desk clamp lamp are golden for a small inverter system like mine and are great for similar bright light when the BioLite dies. read more

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