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Month: September 2023

“Do You Remember…the 21st of September” – Earth, Wind & Fire
September 21, 2023

For the record, “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire peaked at number-8 on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 10, 1979.

The 21st of September should be a national holiday just because of this song.

I’m rarely a fan of remakes. And there will never be a better version of this song than the original. But give my girl Nataly Dawn of the duo Pomplamoose a listen. She introduced “September” to a completely different demographic and generation in the 21st century.
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32 years ago today, “Step by Step” debuted as part of the TGIF Friday lineup on ABC – September 20, 1991
September 20, 2023

Here are all seven seasons of the show’s intros here.

“A second time around.” Love that so much. Here is Season 4 (getting harder and harder to broadcast it. Leave comment if you can’t see the video).

Step by Step was basically the Gen X version of The Brady Bunch. It had the exact same premise.

I didn’t get to watch much of the first two seasons of Step by Step in September and October 1991-92. My high school football games were on Friday nights. But the replays and subsequent seasons ingrained this show in my heart. It was one of the last television programs I watched regularly. read more

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