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Category: Poetry

Spicy Honey – by Brian A. Wilkins

Our love is enigmatic, but so very good,
Our feelings are intricate and misunderstood,
Your voice is captivating, soothing to the ears,
Provisional relief from the pain and the tears,

First hurdle is the ocean, matrimony the next,
Our passion and yearning are so very complex,
Synergy uncanny, chemistry ideal,
Our love is far from fake, it’s very much real,

I’m careful with my soul, you’re careful with your heart,
Our feelings have been clear however from the very start,
Your beauty tantalizes, your energy uplifts,
Your presence whole and total, sets my heart adrift, read more


Beauty on Earth – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 30, 2020

Snow-capped mountains, majestic waterfalls,
A monarch butterfly, the coast of Senegal,
The Great Barrier Reef, an eagle in the sky,
Machu Picchu ruins, a monarch butterfly,

Love songs from the 80s, a tiger and cubs,
Abstract paintings on the walls of pubs,
A shiny gold nugget, a ballerina with grace,
A righteous loving woman with a smile on her face,

A child and their toys, a great white shark,
The zebras and giraffes at Serengeti Park,
A letter from a friend, trees glazed with ice,
Activists and advocates asserting civil rights, read more

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The Mammon Malady – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 29, 2020

Some want money,
Some want sex,
Some want power,
To be corporate execs

Mammon is celebrated,
Piety is fraud,
Millionaires are heroes,
The poor need god,

Trump is MAGA,
Obama is saint,
Both are evil,
Benevolent they ain’t

People are wicked,
Malicious and vile,
It’s time to enlighten,
Not conform and beguile.

Brian A. Wilkins
January 14, 2018


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The Angry Nigger – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 29, 2020

I have been manipulated, I’ve been caged,
None of the bullshit improved with age,
I expose dirty cops, I help those in need,
I hate evil people who do dastardly deeds,

You sound too white, your speech too lucid,
We need more ghetto, we need more stupid,
Come be a liberal, join the GOP,
But you ain’t doing shit without one of us indeed,

A black man is chattel, a black man’s a slave,
He cannot be himself, just an insect in the cave,
Don’t love the white girl cause her dad hates your guts,
The black girl thinks you’re lame, a totally useless putz, read more

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A Message From Above – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 29, 2020

Love causes anger, love causes fear
Despite all the noise that permeates my ears,
Here we are today, dazed and confused,
Our minds being played, our souls being used.

No matter who you love, it doesn’t really matter,
Intentions are questionable, cause your heart to shatter,
Does she really love me, does she really care?
I have only one, no other heart to spare,

Don’t do that to me, don’t reduce our affair,
Just because I’m hurting, just because of despair,
A jaded man cries, a jaded man bleeds,
He knows there’s only rage to satisfy his needs read more

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One Last Time – by Brian A. Wilkins

When we first met in 1991,
It was all about partying and having lots of fun,
My parents were divorced, your mom was deceased,
So we needed each other for our lives to be complete.

First date at the stadium was cordial and couth,
It ended with a kiss that defined our youth,
Circumstances happen, and our love was absentee,
The last time we met was 1993.

Nearly 30 years later, the world’s a different place,
I still enjoy your company and the smile on your face,
The spark is still bright, the fire still hot,
Our love was refreshed despite thinking we forgot.
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