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Beauty on Earth – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 30, 2020

Snow-capped mountains, majestic waterfalls,
A monarch butterfly, the coast of Senegal,
The Great Barrier Reef, an eagle in the sky,
Machu Picchu ruins, a woman’s pretty eyes,

Love songs from the 80s, a tiger and cubs,
Abstract paintings on the walls of pubs,
A shiny gold nugget, a ballerina with grace,
A righteous loving woman with a smile on her face,

A child and their toys, a great white shark,
The zebras and giraffes at Serengeti Park,
A letter from a friend, trees glazed with ice,
Activists and advocates asserting civil rights,

Volcanic eruptions, sunsets by the bay,
A special person listening to what you have to say,
Beauty is in nature, beauty is in you,
Beauty is whatever to refresh the soul anew.

Brian A. Wilkins
November 19, 2019

One Comment

  1. Chris Chris

    Beautiful poem. And I’m not a poetry person.

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