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32 years ago today, “Step by Step” debuted as part of the TGIF Friday lineup on ABC – September 20, 1991
September 20, 2023

Here are all seven seasons of the show’s intros here.

“A second time around.” Love that so much. Here is Season 4 (getting harder and harder to broadcast it. Leave comment if you can’t see the video).

Step by Step was basically the Gen X version of The Brady Bunch. It had the exact same premise.

I didn’t get to watch much of the first two seasons of Step by Step in September and October 1991-92. My high school football games were on Friday nights. But the replays and subsequent seasons ingrained this show in my heart. It was one of the last television programs I watched regularly.

Note that Suzanne Somers was 44 years old when the show debuted…and was still fine as hell. And it’s hilarious (I guess) that Staci Keanan (born Anastasia Sagorsky, and played Dana Foster in the show) now works as a lawyer for the Los Angeles County District Attorney Office. She’s a prosecutor.

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