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“Don’t eat meat, but she sure like the bone.” Dead Eye Dick and “New Age Girl” peaked at #27 on January 7, 1995 before mysterious disappearance
February 3, 2023

This song was a sign of the new times, the end of old humanity and the start of what we have today. It was readily apparent when I first left home for college in Sioux City, Iowa in 1993.

The girls in college asked questions like “what do you think of abortion?” I thought “WTF” and “huh”? I really only knew the word abortion from the 1986 gross-out movie “The Fly.”

Geena Davis wanted an abortion because she got pregnant by a dude (Jeff Goldblum) who was half human and half insect. The movie was funny, disgusting and disturbing at the same time.

My response was typically a long-winded deflection. I had no idea why they thought abortion was so important. I was 18 years old.

The girls in Sioux City also wanted to eat sushi with me. The only time I’d ever heard of sushi was when Molly Ringwald talked about it in “The Breakfast Club.”

Deadeye Dick and “New Age Girl”

Deadeye Dick was a 1990s alternative rock band based in New Orleans. The members were Caleb Guillotte, Mark Adam Miller, and Billy Landry. They got their name from a 1982 Kurt Vonnegut novel.

“New Age Girl” became a hit when it was featured in the 1995 Jim Carrey comedy film “Dumb and Dumber.”

Deadeye Dick sang about “environmentalist girls,” vegetarians, and a bunch of other descriptors that  fit those SIoux City chicks. The typical New Age Girl was named “Mary Moon,” long before “Karen” and “Becky” were stereotypical names for those types.

“New Age Girl” spent 27 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. It was #47 on February 25, 1995. But the following week, the song did not chart at all, which was a bit unusual. Dead Eye Dick officially disbanded in 1996.

I literally stopped listening to nearly all new music after 1996-97 or so. Never really knew why. But in retrospect, it’s easy to see. The world changed forever at that point. Music reflected those changes. It was no longer relatable. Music was no longer genuine.

Every man of means has been with a “New Age Girl”: a primal, sexual female like all other normal women. But these women put on vegan, environmentalist, neo-liberal, feminist, etc. acts for control and manipulation.

Deadeye Dick called them out in 1995. They are still women, and still love sex, fun and excitement with real men. It’s an act. But I digress.

“New Age Girl” is an underrated 1990s anthem. It’d be fun to track down the members of Deadeye Dick and pick their brains on the how and why they came up with this song.

Thank you for the timeless anthem guys.

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