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Wallace, Idaho Rest Stop Has Interesting Story


NOVEMBER 17, 2014

This was sometime in early August; my third straight month living on the road. Forgot there’s over 100 hours of footage on my phone from this extended excursion , so might as well post some of it. One thing you can count on with Idaho and Montana: beautiful scenery.

And I finally showered in Spokane, Washington.

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4 Useful Corporations For Road Warriors
July 16, 2014

I’ve been to Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and Utah in the past seven weeks. Living mobile is nothing new for me, as I’ve urban/stealth camped in Phoenix and Tucson during the winters months. But in those cities, I know my safe havens: where to park, where to get free Wi-Fi so I don’t have to use my own, and can always shower at one of the gyms I’m a member at. It’s a completely different story when you’re traveling to places you’ve never been. read more

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Living In A Van: The Simple Life

July 7, 2014

Charging my battery bank at a rest stop in B.F.E., Nebraska.
Charging my battery bank at a rest stop in B.F.E., Nebraska.

There are three primary reasons I have lived in my van for the better part of the last two years: 1) I could care less what people think of me; 2) I like freedom; 3) you only live once (don’t the kids nowadays say that).

Gym memberships allows me to stay in shape and take showers (truck stops and their $10-$12 per shower services are utilized as well); internet via two hot spots allows me to work from where ever I want, and I can even hunt rabbits and squirrels, and go fishing whenever I want fresh meat. read more

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