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Spicy Honey – by Brian A. Wilkins

Our love is enigmatic, but so very good,
Our feelings are intricate and misunderstood,
Your voice is captivating, soothing to the ears,
Provisional relief from the pain and the tears,

First hurdle is the ocean, matrimony the next,
Our passion and yearning are so very complex,
Synergy uncanny, chemistry ideal,
Our love is far from fake, it’s very much real,

I’m careful with my soul, you’re careful with your heart,
Our feelings have been clear however from the very start,
Your beauty tantalizes, your energy uplifts,
Your presence whole and total, sets my heart adrift,

What is spicy honey, is it something I will taste,
When I start from your lips and work down past your waist?
Fruition is assured despite momentary strife,
We’ll consummate it here, or in the afterlife.

Brian A. Wilkins
May 2, 2020

Listen to the audio version here


  1. Lindsay Lindsay

    You’re making me thirsty with your poems and photos. LOL! I love your voice.

  2. Erica Erica

    Hey Brian! It’s Erica Mariposa. You may not remember me. But you did my Copwatch training in Phoenix in 2011. You’ve always been a hardcore bad ass and a sweetheart! I’ve been reading all your poems. We should catch up sometime.

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