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A Message From Above – by Brian A. Wilkins
April 29, 2020

Love causes anger, love causes fear
Despite all the noise that permeates my ears,
Here we are today, dazed and confused,
Our minds being played, our souls being used.

No matter who you love, it doesn’t really matter,
Intentions are questionable, cause your heart to shatter,
Does she really love me, does she really care?
I have only one, no other heart to spare,

Don’t do that to me, don’t reduce our affair,
Just because I’m hurting, just because of despair,
A jaded man cries, a jaded man bleeds,
He knows there’s only rage to satisfy his needs

Knick is the prefix, key is the end,
But what does it matter if it’s fake and pretend,
Never will I know what really could have been,
But I just hope she knows I loved her to the end.

Brian A. Wilkins – April 28, 2020


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  1. Amanda S. Amanda S.

    So much to interpret in so few words. If you have an email list, please add me.

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