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5 Revealing Statistics About Dating

May 4, 2014


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Black women more attracted to her own race than other women. Photo via

A good number of Americans prefer the single/dating life, while others like committed relationships with each other. Granted the latter group is still a slight majority, according to data by Static Brain via the US Census. But these five statistics tell a lot about love and relationships in America.

1. Data compiled from Facebook’s app “Are You Interested” found that Asian and Latina women preferred white men over their own race. Both white and black women preferred their own race, but black women had a 50 percent higher response rate to black men than white women did with white men.

Black, white, and Latino men all preferred Asian women, while Asian men preferred Latina women. Thus males of all races covet women that are of  a race other than their own.

2. A survey of 20,000 Americans found that 35 percent of the married people met their spouse online. Half of those people met via dating websites. The study also suggests divorce rates are higher for those who met offline. One caveat about the study: it was funded by

3. Lab 42, a market research firm, found that 33 percent of Americans over 18 have broken up via Facebook, text or email. 40 percent said they are not against doing it.

4. said its best fiscal quarter ever (as of March 2014) was in 2008 when the economy crashed; suggesting people consider love a top priority.

5. A survey by found that 33 percent of men would break off their relationship/marriage with their woman if the sex wasn’t great; 22 percent of women said the same.

Keep in mind all these statistics were measured and/or derived from online platforms with vested interests. There are over 55 million American adults with no computer, according to 2012 Census data. Nielsen data from this year found that 65 percent of Americans owned a smartphone (leaving 35 percent who do not). In other words, there are tens of millions of people excluded from participation in all of the above.

Interesting nonetheless.

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