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Month: July 2014

4 Useful Corporations For Road Warriors

July 16, 2014

I’m now entering Week 7 of living in the van on the road. I’ve been to Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and Utah thus far. Living mobile is nothing new for me, as I’ve urban/stealth camped in Phoenix and Tucson during the winters months. But in those cities, I know my safe havens: where to park, where to get free Wi-Fi so I don’t have to use my own, and can always shower at one of the gyms I’m a member at. It’s a completely different story when you’re traveling to places you’ve never been. read more

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Living In A Van: The Simple Life

July 7, 2014

Charging my battery bank at a rest stop in B.F.E., Nebraska.
Charging my battery bank at a rest stop in B.F.E., Nebraska.

There are three primary reasons I have lived in my van for the better part of the last two years: 1) I could care less what people think of me; 2) I like freedom; 3) you only live once (don’t the kids nowadays say that).

Gym memberships allows me to stay in shape and take showers (truck stops and their $10-$12 per shower services are utilized as well); internet via two hot spots allows me to work from where ever I want, and I can even hunt rabbits and squirrels, and go fishing whenever I want fresh meat. read more

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